The most recent history of the turtleneck in women’s wardrobe ?

A few weeks ago, we shared with you in one of our posts the begging of the story of the turtleneck in the female wardrobe ?

Today we want to talk about its most recent influences: The turtleneck in the 21st century.

If at the beginning and middle of the 20th century the turtleneck in the female wardrobe was a sign of revolution and daring that was associated with a free and independent woman ?? at the beginning of the 2000s, in the era of the mini-skirts and mini-tops, this garment became the synonym of modesty and prudence, worn by the most conservative people ? ... but fortunately over the years it was freed from those labels to become clothing that is described as elegant and sensual at the same time, despite the fact that it does not show any skin.

Stars like Kate Moss or Gwyneth Paltrow bet on it. Now the turtleneck is trendy, timeless fashion, and minimo has come to join these concepts.

What adjectives would you give to the turtleneck?

? Cecilia wearing off-white minimo
25 mayo 2022 — Jesus Comas