This autumn vibe with us ?
Autumn is that season when you don't really know what to wear to avoid being hot or cold ?
Before leaving your place, you look at the temperature and throughout the day it changes 15 degrees ?... then you look out the window to find out how the things are going out there, and you see that some people are dressed in winter coats and boots, and other with t-shirts ? Which does not help you much to choose your outfit ...

…But this autumn thing may change for you thanks to minimo. Why? ? Keep reading…
?? minimo is comfy:
Compared to shawls and scarves that do not completely cover your neck, or to a sweater that you’re forced to wear the rest of the day or with several uncomfortable layers of clothing, minimo ? protects your neck without adding extra clothes.
?? minimo is compact:
minimo measurements allow you to easily take it off and carry it in a pocket or purse.
?? minimo is versatile:
The range of colors and the design of minimo are easily combined with any style.

Therefore, this season will no longer be the same for you if you bet at minimo.
Do you dare? Dress your neck!?

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? Cecilia & Leo wearing off-white minimo

May 25, 2022 — Jesus Comas