Nuestro pequeño granito de arena

En minimo queremos contribuir con nuestro éxito al bienestar de la sociedad y por ello donamos todos los años un 2% de nuestra facturación total a distintas fundaciones.


Our factory, with more than 50 years of experience and advanced technological resources, uses Whole Garment technology to avoid generating waste.

The entire factory is powered by photovoltaic panels, avoiding CO2 emissions of over 45,000 kg/year .

In turn, for steam generation we use rainwater previously collected in a tank

All waste is sent to a company that reuses it 100%. The packaging and plastics are sent to ValorLis, thus giving a second life to materials that seriously damage the environment.

Fabricación artesanal local

As a garment exclusively to protect the neck we needed to find the softest and most elastic material possible to offer maximum warmth and comfort.

This thread is only made in Biella, in the Piedmont region. Place of enormous tradition in the production of high quality fabrics.