Our history

Our history dates back to the fall of 2014 when my little sister opened a men's/women's fashion store in Madrid called Minimo. It was located at Paseo Pintor Rosales, 72 and sold top-brand clothing from the previous season
at much cheaper prices.

Everything was going very well, but after a year and a half that was very intense emotionally, my sister didn't feel like she had the strength to continue and had to lower the curtain.
Paradoxically, what should have been a a good stick for the family, it became
the engine that moved my father to think, imagine and investigate for more than a
year, which garment we could bring to the market that would honor Minimo brand. In September 2017 my father brought us all together and presented us with the first prototype of Minimo. We all froze because it seemed like a brilliant idea.
The first thing I told my father was that, if we really wanted to launch this garment on the market, we should present the design to the Spanish Patent Office and
In 2018 they granted us the patent and from then on, and without having absolutely any experience in the textile field, we threw ourselves fully into making this project a reality.

It was clear to us that either we made an extraordinary garment with an exceptional finish and quality and with an impeccable brand image, or we did nothing. And it also had to be manufactured in Spain or at least in Europe.
After three long years of many difficulties looking for factories, testing all kinds of fabrics and prototypes and fortunately counting since February 2021 with the unconditional support of my partner Miguel López , we were finally able to release at least November 12, 2021.

Now at least we can boast of having managed to fulfill our premise of launching a garment of the highest quality, produced in one of the best factories in Portugal, with a thread from Italy that is ideal for our garment and a packing manufactured between Madrid and Valencia. All 100% in Europe.

From now on our dream is to become a company that is as human and close as possible. In a world that every day seems more dehumanized and robotized,
we want to show ourselves completely accessible to all our clients to listen to their needs, their proposals and if we can, why not, make completely personalized garments.

Above all else, we want to prioritize the satisfaction of our customers' purchases
and from that awareness and among many other things, participate in the projects of the
Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Cáritas, donating 2% of the billing.