The brand

minimo is a family business founded in Spain, born with the purpose and hope of revolutionizing the fashion sector with an innovative, unique and quality product.

The love for turtleneck sweaters returned had accompanied its founders for a long time, as well as the problems of wearing it (the discomfort of adapting the turtleneck sweater to other garments due to its thickness and not being able to take it off if you were hot).

Nothing foreshadowed that a casual family meeting would give rise to the solution to all that, when one of those present arrived with a turtleneck sweater and scissors.

He began to cut until he left it to a Minimo, he put it under his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror, leaving the others fascinated.

He had just created minimo

Our dream is to reinvent the turtleneck sweater, making the most of its use and minimizing the disadvantages of this elegant, classic and timeless garment.

We want Minimo to be the favorite alternative to traditional scarves or shawls and that turtlenecks in their minimal essence, take center stage in our wardrobe.

We would like Minimo to become the essential and essential garment that enhances any look, regardless of age and gender, the key piece to cover the neck in a simple, elegant way and give that chic touch, both to formal outfits as informal.