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It doesn't matter your age, your lifestyle or if you've never been a fan of turtleneck sweaters.

Minimo is a garment without limits, that dresses and warms men, women and children.

Finally, a new way of wearing a turtleneck has arrived.

In addition, it is the accessory that your children will not lose playing in the street, as happens with scarves, nor will they feel the typical children's stress caused by turtleneck sweaters.

With Minimo they will be protected and warm against the cold

Minimo's versatility and its simple design allow it to be worn at any time of the day, combining it as you like.

It is the perfect garment for commuting and sudden changes in temperature between the street and interior spaces , or between day and night. On the way to the office, the gym or a restaurant. Whether on a motorcycle or taking a walk.

At least you won't have to think if you're too warm or, on the contrary, you're going to be hot afterwards.

A pocket, or its bag special, designed to care for and protect your minimo is enough to store it.

minimo is the garment that completes and complements any look, from the most formal, such as a shirt with a jacket for an important meeting, to the most sporty, such as a sweater for sport.

Combines perfectly with shirts, polos, T-shirts, blouses and dresses with a crew neck or shirt, giving that elegant and classic touch of a turtleneck, but without the inconvenience of dealing with sleeves.

Choose your size and color, available for men, women and children.