Why black is the classiest and the most elegant color ?
In one of our posts we already talked about the meaning of the black color ? a color associated with ?? strength, seriousness, power, and authority... ? but why black is considered the classiest and most elegant color.
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1️⃣ It's timeless
Black is a color that doesn't follow the law of trends. Black is always a trend. The different styles may be more or less fashionable depending on the time, but having class it's timeless, just like black.
2️⃣ It is a sure hit
Black doesn't fail, it is valid for practically any occasion, regardless of the temperature or the time. It can be summer or winter, day or night, black will be a sure hit. Class and elegance are too.
3️⃣It is a pure color
It is well-groomed, correct, and as color psychology says ?? serious. An elegant and classy person also reflects these characteristics ?
Do you consider black the most elegant color?
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? Alvaro wearing black minimo
May 25, 2022 — Jesus Comas